MYTILINEOS Social Partners Thematic Consultation: METALLURGY Sector - "Developing a Responsible Supply Chain"

MYTILINEOS Social Partners Thematic Consultation: METALLURGY Sector - "Developing a Responsible Supply Chain"


MYTILINEOS was founded in Greece in 1990, has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1995 and is a member of the FTSE LARGE CAP high capitalization index and a leading international industrial and energy company. The Company is active in the fields of Metallurgy, Electricity and Natural Gas, Sustainable Development Projects, and the Renewable Energy Development and Storage Sector, with more than 4,800 direct and indirect employees and more than 9,000 overseas employees. Its complex business activity is a driving force for the Greek economy, while it has a dynamic presence on all 5 continents with a consolidated turnover of € 2.6 billion. 


Objective Action

MYTILINEOS considers that the transmission of both the ethical principles and the social and environmental sensitivity, which have supported its business course to date, at all stages of its value chain and primarily in its supply chain, is an important feature of its responsible business behavior. .

The Company recognizes that its supply chain affects the fulfillment of its social and environmental objectives. An increased level of information and transparency on the part of suppliers can lead to improved productivity, a reduced number of work-related injuries and illnesses, a more motivated workforce, higher quality products and services, a reduced negative impact on the environment and greater competitiveness.

In this direction, MYTILINEOS, having aligned its strategic priorities with the Global Sustainable Development Goals, has planned a series of actions to create a more responsible supply chain in all areas of its business, beyond legal compliance25.

The start of the implementation of these actions was inaugurated with the Consultation of 2018 (4th consecutive theme and 8th overall since 2011) which was successfully implemented by the Metallurgy Department of the company, on Thursday 21/6/2018 in Arachova, entitled: "Developing a Responsible Supply Chain "with the participation of 50 key suppliers of all categories.

The main objectives of this open dialogue were: a) to inform suppliers about the latest developments regarding the company's development and overall market policy, b) to highlight the important role of the supply chain in Sustainable Development and c) to explore ways of partnership to achieve mutual benefit goals.


Target Audience

Supply Chain Metallurgy Sector of MYTILINEOS



1 day


In conclusion, the Consultation highlighted the difficulties involved in raising the awareness of the supply chain in matters of Sustainable Development, either due to the size of the companies, or their limited exposure to external challenges and the lack of appropriate resources. However, it resulted in an optimistic result as all suppliers agreed that their self-assessment in social, environmental and labor issues is more of an opportunity than a threat, as it will help to highlight areas of activity that need improvement, to improve product quality. and their services as well as enhancing their extroversion and developing their competitiveness.

As Mr. Dimitris Stefanidis, General Manager of the Metallurgy Department of MYTILINEOS, emphasized in his greeting, the main goal of the Consultation is the substantial contribution of the company's suppliers in its continuous and responsible effort for the promotion and development of the business. Corporate Social Responsibility cannot be ignored beyond its compliance with the established rules but also the practices that govern the international standards that it follows.

The Consultation started with the Factory Manager Mr. Georgios Georgalas presenting the development course of the Metallurgy Sector in combination with the significant business investments with a direct friendly environmental impact that have been realized and have made MYTILINEOS one of the largest producers in Europe. and the only vertically integrated bauxite, alumina and aluminum plant in the European Union.

Mr. Panagiotis Kastritis, Head of Procurement, then spoke at length, analyzing the company's policies, rules and procedures in the field of procurement, the framework for ensuring equal opportunities, integrity and the company's respect for suppliers. but also the management axes of the suppliers, pointing out the continuation of the policy of the Metallurgy Sector for long-term and reliable collaborations on a win-win basis and the Hellenization of the markets.

The first part ended with the presentation of Mr. George Galanis, CSR Manager of MYTILINEOS, who focused on the importance and consequently the necessity of the Code of Ethics of suppliers in modern companies, presenting as an example the corresponding Code of MYTILINEOS. He then referred to the benefits of supplier self-assessment in social, labor and environmental issues as well as how this process enhances their competitive advantage, while analyzing the relationship of the supply chain with national and international modern sustainable development trends such as: Objectives of the OHE, the integration of the European directive for the publication of Non-Financial Data in the Greek legislation, the national strategy for the circular economy and the new GRI Standards.

The second part of the Consultation was entirely dedicated to the active participation of the company's suppliers and began with the distribution of suppliers in eight (8) working groups whose mission was to discuss and analyze, at the end submitting their views, two specific questions asked by MYTILINEOS. These issues concerned the position of the participants on: a) how they perceive their self-assessment in social, environmental and labor issues and b) the emergence of areas where there is room for improvement in cooperation with the Metallurgy Department of MYTILINEOS on the basis of mutual benefit.

The Consultation ended with the presentation of the results by representatives of the working groups as well as with relevant clarifications given by the representatives of the company. In total, all the proposals and interventions of the suppliers were recorded, with the aim of their most complete evaluation for their integration, as far as possible, in the existing practices of the Metallurgy Department of MNYTILINEOS.


Impact on Society

An important result of the consultation was that all 50 key suppliers of the Metallurgy Sector agreed that their self-assessment in social, environmental and labor issues is more of an opportunity than a threat for the following six main reasons:

  • Dealing with something new that they had not realized until today and has legal dimensions.
  • Highlighting the areas of their activity that need improvement.
  • Enhancing their extroversion and developing their competitiveness.
  • Improving the quality of their services.
  • Possibility of developing healthy and long-term partnerships.
  • Enhancing self-awareness and self-improvement.
  • More Health & Safety training (contracts)
  • Emphasis was placed on the category of transport where to date only the price is taken into account for the development of cooperation and not the environmental performance of the companies (eg vehicles with EURO5-6 engines) and the observance of the drivers' schedule.
  • At the same time, some parameters were mentioned that could be taken as inhibiting factors, mainly in terms of the results of the self-assessment and the need to align with the requirements of the Supplier Code of Conduct, such as: lack of preparation and costs that require both cooperation and external cooperation. the certification process (eg ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001). The issue of unfair competition in relation to foreign suppliers was also mentioned, mainly in developing countries that do not impose such criteria.

Initiative Location

Arachova, Viotia

Working with Organization


Workers Participation

YES (CSR Metallurgy Working Group)

Benefits for Οrganization

The evaluation of the Consultation for MYTILINEOS is positive (42 of the 50 suppliers of the company participated in the evaluation)

Overall picture: 4.5 / 5

Individual variables

Evaluation of the quality of the Consultation: 4.5 / 5
Basic structure of the Consultation (work tables & presentation of results by the participants): 4,6 / 5
Evaluation of the usefulness of the Consultation in the development of the personal knowledge of the participants: 4.3 / 5
Design: 4.3 / 5

Individual variables

Extent of information & combination of topics presented: 4.3 / 5
Possibility to submit proposals, opinions and reflections: 4.2 / 5
Possibility of cooperation with other participants: 4.0 / 5
Communication of MYTILINEOS representatives with the participants: 4,7 / 5
Total duration of the Consultation: 4.5 / 5
Organization: 4,6

Individual variables

Suitability of the venue of the Consultation: 4.7 / 5
Quality of catering services (food, coffee, etc.): 4.5 / 5
Consultation Material (Sustainable Development Exhibition & souvenir): 4.6 / 5

Connection with Global Goals

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