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IMERYS Group is the world leader in mineral-based industrial solutions, offering specialized solutions necessary for its customers. IMERYS INDUSTRIAL MINERALS GREECE SINGLE MEMBER SOCIETE ANONYME mines and processes industrial minerals, mainly bentonite and perlite.


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Objective Action

The aim of the "ANASTASIA ANTONIADOU" Scholarship (A.A.S.) is to honor the memory of a prematurely lost executive of IMERYS INDUSTRIAL MINERALS HELLAS S.A. with prominent social and volunteering activity in the local society of the Milos island. Particularly, τhe A.A.S. is awarded by the Company with the aim of rewarding the efforts and the ethos of a female graduate student of the Milos / Kimolos senior high schools (Lyceums), who succeded in the annual general entrance examinations for Greek Universities.


Target Audience

The A.A.S.,  since its enactment in 2003, is addressed to women graduates of the Lyceums of Milos (General or Vocational) and Kimolos.



The A.A.S. has been uninterruptedly awarded every year since 2003.


In 2002, the untimely death of Anastasia Antoniadou, a high-ranking executive of Milos of the then S&B Industrial Minerals SA. (now IMERYS INDUSTRIAL MINERALS HELLAS S.A.), with outstanding voluntary, social and cultural activity in the local community, who was also an excellent mother, professional and scientist, inspired the Company to establish the "ANASTASIA ANTONIADOU" Scholarship (A.A.S.) to honor her memory, aiming to motivate and benefit the local community of Milos and Kimolos, in which the Company operates.

The A.A.S. has become an institution for the last almost 20 years (since 2003). Honoring the memory of the deceased colleague and wanting to promote the active action of women in all areas of social activity (family, professional, scientific, etc.), the A.A.S. is addressed to women graduates of the Lyceums of Milos (General and Vocational) and Kimolos, annually rewarding a graduate, who entered in one of the Greek Higher Education Institutions after successful passing the general entrance exams. The A.A.S. is awarded with priority to the successful entrants to university departments related to the subject and the activity of the Company, promoting one of the historically and through time more important pillars of the local economy of the island: Mining.

The A.A.S. aims at the financial support of the scholarship holder in order to address the special living expenses created by studies far from the islands of Milos-Kimolos.

The A.A.S. includes an Honorary Diploma and a Cash Prize of 4,000 € per year for all the years of the studies, not exceeding a total of 20,000 €. It is awarded annually on the basis of a specific statute which defines in a clear and inviolable way:

  • the syllabus and the priority of the Higher Education Departments
  • the conditions and supporting documents for the application
  • the criteria for selecting scholarship awardees and the method for evaluating applications
  • the participants in the Evaluation Committee
  • the content of the A.A.S. and how it is administered and the place and manner of awarding it

The evaluation of the applications and the decision to award the scholarship is made by a committee consisting of:

  • the Mayor of Milos, who chairs the committee
  • The Director of the General Lyceum of Milos
  • A representative of the family of ANASTASIA ANTONIADOU
  • The Director of Milos Operations of IMERYS Industrial Minerals Greece S.A.

The Evaluation Committee of the "ANASTASIA ANTONIADOU SCHOLARSHIP", which met under the chairmanship of the Mayor of Milos on March 29, 2022, after examining the submitted applications of three candidates for the school year 2020-2021, awarded the twentieth A.A.S. to KSYDOY ANDRIANA of Georgios, a graduate of the General Lyceum of Milos and an undergraduate student at the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.



Impact on Society

Since 2003, 20 female students from the local community of Milos / Kimolos have been financially supported throughout their studies at Greek universities. through the A.A.S.

Initiative Location

Islands of Milos and Kimolos 

Working with Organization

The inspiration, creation, and final institutionalization of A.A.S. is belongs exclusively to IMERYS INDUSTRIAL MINERALS HELLAS S.A.. However, various Local Authorities and bodies of Milos / Kimolos (Lyceums of Milos (General or Vocational) and Kimolos) are involved in the implementation and operational realization of the institution, while the chairman of the Evaluation Committee is the Mayor of Milos.



Workers Participation

Specific executives of the Company working on the island of Milos participate annually in the procedural and administrative issues related to the implementation of the institution.


Benefits for Οrganization

The increasing participations for candidacies in the institution indicate its wide acceptance by the local community. This fact ensures to a significant degree for the Company its "Social Operating License" on the island.

Connection with Global Goals

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