Safe Residents – Tourists and Workers: The traffic management system at the Imerys mines in Milos.

Safe Residents – Tourists and Workers: The traffic management system at the Imerys mines in Milos.

IMERYS Industrial Minerals Greece Single-Member Société Anonyme

IMERYS Group is the world leader in mineral-based industrial solutions, offering specialized solutions necessary for its customers. IMERYS INDUSTRIAL MINERALS GREECE SINGLE MEMBER SOCIETE ANONYME mines and processes industrial minerals, mainly bentonite and perlite.


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Objective Action

The purpose was to create a safe working environment for the company's employees and its external partners as well as the safety of the mine's visitors.


Target Audience

Imerys employees and the local community.



Three months


IMERYS Greece S.A. is a company that mines and processes industrial minerals in Milos, mainly bentonite and perlite. For the company, which belongs to the IMERYS Group, a world leader in industrial solutions based on minerals, prevention and proper training in Occupational Health and Safety matters are vital to avoid occupational accidents and chronic diseases. The reason is that in addition to providing information on correct work practices, it encourages employees to adopt safe work behaviours.

Mines are a constantly changing environment in which earthworks are carried out and extracting minerals using heavy equipment and transport trucks.

The Aggeria and Aspro Chorio mine complex in Milos is one of the largest bentonite mining centers in the world. Both are bentonite mines, this practically means that the ground is slippery when it comes into contact with water. For this reason, special care is needed when driving after it gets wet.

The factor that makes the mines of Milos special in terms of traffic management, is that there is in some of them simultaneous transit of non-cooperating vehicles with heavy vehicles especially in the summer months when there is tourist traffic on the island.

In this direction, it is crucial to create a traffic management plan so that the mine will be a safe environment for both the employees who work in it and for the visitors.

Part of the company's safety culture is traffic management at its facilities. Mine traffic management is a set of systems and programs to monitor, control and manage pedestrian, heavy vehicle, and light “civilian” vehicles traffic.

The traffic management team, after an in-depth analysis of vehicle traffic in the mines, created a list of potential interaction points between different types of vehicles and pedestrians and a risk assessment was carried out in each area. As a result was the creation of a map identifying the areas where there are dangerous interactions. The areas according to the risk were divided into High Risk, Medium Risk or Low Risk areas.

Α solutions guide was created for each mine separately with the aim of minimizing the risk. Each guide includes solutions such as marked routes for heavy vehicles and light vehicles, road markings, priority rules, care for access to areas designated as "dangerous", special parking areas for heavy vehicles and light vehicles, communication procedures for interaction between all of vehicles.

After the proposals made by the traffic management team, a map was created for every mine. These maps illustrate in a simple and precise way the routes and the important landmarks (parking area, pharmacy, observatory etc.) located in the mines.

 In this way, someone can easily find his location on the map and obtain instructions on how to move safely within the quarry. The maps have been placed in central locations in each of the company’s facilities and are a pole of attraction for everyone entering the site and don’t know the proper and safe way to navigate the area.



Impact on Society

(1) Building a safety culture within mines and creating a safe environment for both employees working in it and visitors, through the traffic management plan.

(2) Productivity and Time Savings: The traffic management plan can help save time by reducing delays and congestion. This enables quicker transportation of materials, equipment, and personnel, leading to improved productivity and operational performance.

(3) Accident Prevention: With effective traffic management, the likelihood of accidents can be minimized. By implementing measures such as speed limits, traffic signals, and separate vehicle and pedestrian pathways, the potential for collisions and incidents can be mitigated.

Initiative Location

All the mines of Imerys in Milos.

Working with Organization

Executives of EHSQ Development PPC

Workers Participation

Imerys Health and Safety Executives.


Benefits for Οrganization

Through this initiative, Imerys has managed to demonstrate its commitment to health and safety issues and its social contribution through actions aimed at protecting workers.

To this direction, its credibility is strengthened with the indication of corporate responsibility towards employees and society through the prevention of any accidents to employees, cooperating members and visitors. This also achieves the strengthening of the employees’ sense of safety and of their commitment to IMERYS.

In addition, a proper traffic management plan can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of mining operations. By optimizing traffic flow and reducing vehicle idling, energy consumption and emissions can be minimized, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Connection with Global Goals

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