Responsible Consumers - Providing practical guidance on fuel quality, safety and environmental issues, for EKO and bp customers

Responsible Consumers - Providing practical guidance on fuel quality, safety and environmental issues, for EKO and bp customers


Founded in 1998, HELLENiQ ENERGY ( is one of the leading energy groups in South East Europe, with presence in 6 countries and activities spanning across the energy value chain, namely: oil refining and fuel marketing, exploration and production, renewable energy sources, petrochemicals, power and gas.


Objective Action

For HELLENIC FUELS & LUBRICANTS SINGLE MEMBER INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL SA (EKO SA), a subsidiary of HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, Sustainable Development is a corporate commitment and integrated into its strategy. In order to promote the culture of sustainability across the value chain of the Group's businesses and all stakeholders, at EKO, we are taking a series of initiatives to inform, challenge, raise the awareness of and engage with our customers regarding safety, environmental and fuel quality issues.

This important action contributes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goal No.12.


Target Audience

The action is aimed at all fuel consumers who visit EKO and bp-branded fuel stations in Greece.



The above-mentioned actions initiated 8 years ago, as part of a broader ongoing program.


Safety is our top priority and we prove it in practice. Through the leaflets "Target Safety!", which are distributed to our customers at EKO and bp fuel stations (SAFETY AT THE FUEL STATION:, by posting educational videos on Social Media (SAFE RIDING TIPS - EKO:, by sharing safety tips (SAFETY TIPS - EKO:, SAFETY TIPS - bp:, but also through targeted services such as the free-of-charge "12-points check" for our customers' vehicles and motorcycles, at bp stations (12 POINTS CHECK - ΒΡ:, we prove that safety, both in and out of the fuel station, is very important to us.

The year 2020 was marked by an unprecedented international health crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic. For EKO, the protection of the health of employees, customers and associates was set as the first priority. All the necessary means of protection were applied from the first moment, while for the customers of the fuel stations, appropriate communication material was created at the fuel station, to inform them about the current protection measures applied. Seven (7) topic-specific “Target Safety” leaflets were sent to EKO associates, with instructions and recommendations.

Every year, through informational flyers handed out to our customers and distributed to our associates, as well as through targeted training, we promote the best environmental management practices for both waste products (of fuel stations) and fuels.

With continuous posts on the internet, but also on Social Media, we inform our customers (EKO and bp) about the ways of efficient operation of the engine (efficient driving tips) of their car, for reduced emissions and fuel savings (TIPS FOR FUEL SAVE DRIVING - EKO:, EFFICIENT DRIVING TIPS - bp: At the same time, through Press Releases and newsletters, before the start of sale of heating diesel, we provide our customers with energy saving tips, during its use.

Finally, committed to our strategic choice of delivering high quality products and maximizing value for the consumer, we enrich our product portfolio (bp Super Unleaded 98 with ACTIVE Technology: with fuels that keep the car’s engine clean, thereby contributing to the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions. Through newsletters and continuous posts on the Internet and on Social Media, we keep our customers updated on proper ways of fuels management, to ensure their quality.


Impact on Society

To date, under this action:

  • Since 2015, 45 informational leaflets on Quality, Safety and Environmental issues have been distributed.
  • On weekends or days with heavy-traffic, e.g. bank holidays, we carry out free-of-charge 12-Points Checks at fuel stations located on national roads and main highways. As of 2016, approximately 7.800 drivers are informed annually, while around 3.000 annual visual inspections are conducted on cars and motorcycles.
  • EKO, in collaboration with Riding School, has been organizing motorcycle safe riding lessons every year, since 2013. To date, 120 trainings have been conducted.
  • Only for the year 2020 and the 1st quarter of the year 2021, EKO made 64 posts on Social Media that touch on issues of fuel quality, safety and environment.

Initiative Location

EKO and bp fuel stations all over Greece.

Working with Organization

HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group supports and promotes the pan-European campaign of FuelsEurope entitled "Save more than fuel" (, which includes ten (10) tips for more efficient driving and emission reduction. EKO’s relevant actions fully align with the campaign. Additionally, EKO, in collaboration with Riding School gives the opportunity to motorists to learn more about safe motorcycle riding. The winners of the competition organized by EKO on its Facebook page, every year since 2013, have the opportunity to attend safe riding lessons, using Ducati motorcycles (SAFE MOTORCYCLE RIDING: 


Workers Participation

The action is an initiative of EKO’s Marketing Division and is implemented in collaboration with the Hellenic Petroleum Group's Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development Division and EKO’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Division. The employees of HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group are aware of all the initiatives of the action and are involved in their implementation as appropriate. Employees of EKO and bp fuel stations are kept informed of each initiative and are actively involved in its promotion.

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Benefits for Οrganization

Corporate Social Responsibility actions, and in particular those related to road safety, are at the heart of EKO's activities and a key strategic pillar.

EKO's goal is to be close to its customer through advanced products and services and through actions that benefit society as a whole.

bp fuel stations “listen to” and respond to the needs of modern lifestyles by providing cutting-edge services that transform every fuel station, from a simple refueling point, to a “living” space that respects and anticipates the modern needs of vehicles, drivers and passengers. These services include the free-of-charge 12-points check of cars and motorcycles, which help customers continue their journey safely.

Connection with Global Goals

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Responsible Consumers - Providing practical guidance on fuel quality, safety and environmental issues, for EKO and BP customers

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