Transparency and Anti-Corruption

Transparency and Anti-Corruption


Hygeia Group has a portfolio of 4 Hospitals in Greece and Albania, 2 Diagnostic Centers, 1 Molecule Biology & Cytogenetics Center and a company trading in special materials and consumables.


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Objective Action

HYGEIA voluntarily follows and complies with the 10th Principle of the Global Compact of the United Nations, which concerns the strengthening of transparency and the fight against corruption.


Target Audience





We place special emphasis on the implementation of preventive actions regarding issues of transparency and corruption, with the aim of responding to the needs of our stakeholders. In this context, HYGEIA has developed and applies a Code of Ethical Behavior and Ethics, which has been drawn up after taking into account the Code of Medical Ethics and the applicable Greek Legislation. Through this, clear directions are given for the observance of ethical rules inside and outside the organization, indicatively in relations with patients, suppliers and other interested parties. The Code of Ethical Behavior and Ethics essentially covers the issues related to an autonomous anti-corruption policy.

At the same time, HYGEIA has developed and implements a Corporate Governance Code, promoting transparency through its organizational structure while, in addition, it has set specific approval limits of responsibility for each executive, as well as safety valves, which are checked at regular intervals as part of the internal audits carried out.


Impact on Society

The Management of HYGEIA monitors the developments using the experience of successfully managing the prolonged crisis, evaluates the existing conditions by forecasting and continuous evaluation of future investment and operational needs and immediate adaptation where necessary of the Business Plan, with the aim of maintaining and increasing its operational efficiency by limiting operating costs, expanding its clientele and maximizing synergies.

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HYGEIA - Greece

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Detailed data on the prospects and development of HYGEIA are included in the Annual Corporate Responsibility Report. (see website section "Investors").

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