LEARNING FOR LIFE - Training Program & Creation of Employment Opportunities for Young People

LEARNING FOR LIFE - Training Program & Creation of Employment Opportunities for Young People


Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands across spirits, beer and wine categories and some of the most famous brands worldwide. 


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Objective Action

DIAGEO, the leading premium alcoholic beverage company in the world, implements for the first time in Greece, the LEARNING FOR LIFE initiative, in collaboration with the Humanitarian Organization PRAKSIS. The purpose of the program is the acquisition of skills and the strengthening of the personality of the beneficiaries, so that they can successfully claim a job in the Tourism and Entertainment industry. In particular for Greece, where Tourism is a key pillar of economic development, this specific program contributes to the improvement of services, offering high-level training to young professionals in the aforementioned sectors.


Target Audience

The LEARNING FOR LIFE initiative, implemented for the first time this year in Greece, aims to acquire the skills and strengthen the personality of the beneficiaries, so that they can successfully claim a job in the Tourism and Entertainment industry.

Specifically, it is aimed at people aged 18-35, who are in conditions of exclusion from work, with the aim of providing them with professional and interpersonal skills, which will help them to successfully join the aforementioned industries. Also, the program supports the beneficiaries in their initial job placement and monitors their progress in the first stages.





February 2019-May 2019


LEARNING FOR LIFE is a global Corporate Social Responsibility program of DIAGEO, which took place this year as a pilot, for the first time in Greece, with the aim of providing the beneficiaries with skills to successfully apply for a job in the Tourism and Entertainment industry.

During the training, which lasted approximately 4 weeks, the apprentices participated free of charge in the program of the certified training organization, receiving specialized bartending and barista knowledge, as well as special wine and beer tasting, food pairing and service seminars from specialized companies, oenologists and brewers. In addition to technical skills, in order for students to be competitive as professional bartenders, baristas and service workers, the training included a series of seminars aimed at strengthening personality and interpersonal skills, such as managing a job interview, team building work, managing the conflict at the bar, and so on. After the completion of the training, an attempt was made to integrate the graduates into work practice for at least a period of 4 weeks or for the entire duration of the tourist season.

The basic training and specialization of young people in bartending and coffee was undertaken, in collaboration with DIAGEO, by the "Bar Academy", an established center for lifelong learning, specialized in training bartenders. At the same time, "Olympic Brewery" and "Kokoto Estate" offered the participants knowledge and experiential training in beer and wine, respectively, while the last stage of the program, the internship took place, in collaboration with the companies: Momentum Group, Zambri , Lagonissi Resort and GRECOTEL, which will provide a job opportunity to the graduates.

LEARNING FOR LIFE holds an important position worldwide in the company's Corporate Social Responsibility actions. Launched in 2008 in Latin America and the Caribbean, it has now grown to over 40 countries. Over 90 such programs have been held worldwide with over 160,000 young people being trained through this initiative.

Having ensured work experience for at least 70% of participants, LEARNING FOR LIFE supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth, employment and decent work for all.


Impact on Society

  • 18 apprentices participated in the first year of implementation of the program
  • 126 hours of training
  • 100% of participants completed the training process (successful outcome of the seminars, considering that 70% usually complete such seminars)
  • 70% of the participants have already been professionally rehabilitated after completing the program

Initiative Location

Athens (at the points where the two stages of education were developed:

-Bar Academy,

- Kokoto Estate

-Olympic Brewery,

-Momentum Group, Zambri, Lagonissi Grand Resort, GRECOTEL


Working with Organization

LEARNING FOR LIFE in Greece received the patronage of the Municipality of Athens, while for its implementation, DIAGEO collaborated with leading institutions and companies:

PRAKSIS, the Humanitarian Organization that specializes in combating the social and economic exclusion of vulnerable social groups. PRAKSIS had the obligation of selecting the participants, as well as their supervision - support during the implementation of the program and 2 years after the completion of the first year of the program.
The Bar Academy: the first lifelong learning center certified by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Professional Orientation (E.O.P.E.P.E.P.) that specializes in training bartenders. The Bar Academy implemented the training program.
Large hospitality and catering companies: (Momentum Group, Grecotel, Lagonissi Grand Resort, GRECOTEL)


Workers Participation

Since the start of the program in Greece, 20 DIAGEO employees have expressed their interest in participating as volunteers in LEARNING FOR LIFE. The contribution of the volunteers was one of the key conditions for the success of the initiative, especially for Greece, where unemployment is one of the main problems faced by the country's young people.

Voluntary tasks were divided into 3 categories:

1. Overall Duties Volunteers: Basic level of participation that mainly included volunteer support in seminars.


-Voluntary participation in the organization and coordination of seminars (bartending seminars, technical skills and interpersonal skills seminars, etc.)

-Support of the PRAKSIS team in the field of seminars

- Accompanying the participants in the external activities


2. Specialized Volunteer Work (Volunteer Expert) - Medium and highest level of participation that included contributing to specialized areas of the program, such as professional skills and job-finding seminars (interview preparation, sales techniques, crisis management in the professional area, time management etc.). Duties:

-Participation in L4L's Orientation Day

-Organization of a seminar for the presentation of DRINK IQ and responsible drinking practices

-Organization of a seminar for the presentation of DIAGEO brands (production process of liqueurs, whiskey, rum, gin, vodka, tequila, cognac brandy, etc.)


3. Educational team - Mentors Program - High level of participation and commitment of volunteering throughout the program. The mentor was available to communicate with the beneficiary throughout the program (the 3 weeks of training and the 4 weeks of practice starting from 18/2).


- Volunteer mentors advised and supported participants throughout the program, as well as during the graduation ceremony. During the event, the volunteers together with the beneficiaries had the opportunity to chat and discuss at length issues that concern them and are related to finding a job and their next professional steps.


Benefits for Οrganization

With the implementation of the LEARNING FOR LIFE program, DIAGEO confirms its responsible and sustainable mode of operation and the continuous support of Greek society.

This specific initiative gives the beneficiaries the opportunity to enter the labor market, through an internship, while monitoring their progress in the early stages. At the same time, LEARNING FOR LIFE essentially contributes to the improvement of the services provided in the Tourism and Entertainment sectors, providing young professionals with high-level education.

At the same time, through the participation of volunteers - employees of the company, the value of volunteerism is further enhanced and its importance and essential contribution to the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility programs is underlined.

Aimed to inspire and transform the lives of socially vulnerable people, the program also reflects the company's core commitment to promoting responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages as part of a balanced lifestyle by offering to vulnerable social groups in each country in which it operates .

Connection with Global Goals

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