Coalition of Positive Messengers to Counter Online Hate Speech.

Coalition of Positive Messengers to Counter Online Hate Speech.


The Department of Social Services consists of an expanded protection net over our city, that covers the whole of the population through consulting support, social work, prevention and health care projects.


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Objective Action

Municipality of Agioi Anargyroi Kamatero participates in the project "Coalition of Positive Messengers To Counter Online Hate Speech" in the framework of  European program "JUSTICE". The project focuses a) on researching and recording the problem of online  hate speech against immigrants and refugees, as well as the prevention and response measures that have been taken by each participating country  and (b)  and  developing positive messages to the  citizens.Social Policy Department of Municipality of Agioi Anargyroi Kamatero has launched a wider awareness campaign against on line Hate speech to all town. The campaign aims to inform citizens about the concept of hate speech, particularly on the internet, on how to fight and develop positive messages based on information and implementation of human rights in our daily life.


Target Audience

The campaign targets at all population groups such as health and welfare professionals, students, teachers, parents, elderly people, as well as vulnerable groups such as migrants, single parent families, Roma, young people with high school leakage rates,




The Awareness Campaign has begun  in  October 2017 is in progress until today and will continue for as long as it is need .


The program is designed and implemented on the following axes:

1. Awareness, information. The intervention starts with a brief education on the concept of hate speech, the different types, the ways of facing with and the solutions we can use in our everyday life.

2.Role playing, dramatizing dominant emotions, if the intervention  is based on experiential method .

3. Using visual materials (movie projection, photo exhibition, etc.) if the program concerns students.

The program has begun in October 2017 and continues to be in progress  with the following actions:

1) Training Programme 02-03/10/2017 Place: School of Second Chance, Municipality of Agii Anargiri-Kamatero. Participants : about 40 students and teachers. The students are adults, who have not completed the compulsory secondary education and most of them are immigrants.

The participants having been informed about the concept of online hate speech and the skills to counter it, then they participated in an experiential workshop which included a theatrical play, painting and drama activities.

2) Training Programme 04/10/2017

Place: Recycling & Environmental Education Park, Municipality of Agii Anargiri-Kamatero

Participants : about  40 adults who are representatives of migrant organizations, medical sector, human rights organizations, NGOs, local government decision makers, public sector, professionals of social sciences. These participants have extended experience in migration issues, human rights, social exclusion issues.The participants having attended the speeches, then they participated in an experiential workshop which included role playing about countering on line hate speech.

3) Monday 18th December 2017, on the occasion of the Immigrants' Day. The launching of the sensibilistion campaign includes the projection of a video that is going to be shown on social media . The video concerns the statements made by :the Municipality's representatives, Safer Internet organisation, representatives of immigrants and other organisations .

4) The first sensibilisation activity took place on Tuesday 19th , at the 2nd Open Care Center for the elderly ,where the representative of the Safer Internet organisation , Doctor George Kormas informed the elderly about the dangers that internet hides. 


     • Student sensibilization - Discussion about hate speech and Watcing Movie (March 2018)

     • Second Chance School (March 2018) Project "Movements and emotions about hate speech through the light of lence ". The project is planned on three axes: sensibilization, role playing, dramalization and photo capture, photographic exhibition of photografy.

     • Training and information in professionals of Local Government (April 2018)

     • Education of Parents (May 2018)



Impact on Society

Outcomes  for the city 

-Creative tools including: report on the present situation in Greece, production of Video about the Counter Online Hate Speech, experiential exercises, role playing, visual arts.

- leaflet  on the program.

-Interventions combating hate speech such as:

    •Sensibilization of Health and Welfare Professionals in Local Government (October 2017). 50 Professionals of Local Government have been trained.

    • Second Chance School (October 2017). 60 students have been trained.

    • Teachers from primary school (November 2017) 60 teachers have been trained.

    • Elderly people (November 2017). 100 elderly people from Open Care Centers have been trained.

    • Parents of of the city (December 2017). 100 parents have been trained.


Initiative Location


Citizens of the Municipality of Agioi Anargyroi Kamatero


European  Union 

Working with Organization

Cyber Crime Unit - Greek Police

Greek Center of SafeInternet


NGO Praxis


Youthnet Hellas Network

Workers Participation

Intersectoral Collaboration of Social Policy staff - Psychologist, Sociologists, Social Workers, - with the staff of Culture and Sport Department (experts on Pedagogical Theater), and with Financial Department and Press Office of the Municipality.



Benefits for Οrganization

It is an innovative program that responds to the current events and it give the chance of implementing  actions of awareness and information of citizens. In addition through the interventions, we show the value of human rights in our daily live. Joining in the coalition of possitive messengers against on line hate speech, we also participate in an innovative european campaign in order to support thousands of people that are affected by online hate speech and help in the direction to create internet a more welcoming and inclusive environment. Finally, we contribute to create an inclusive, without discriminations, friendly and cohesive city for all.

Connection with Global Goals

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