Sustainable Products Market Policy

Sustainable Products Market Policy

Lidl Hellas

Lidl Hellas has been active in Greece since 1999. Today the company employs more than 6700 workers, while its network includes 230 stores and 5 state-of-the-art supply centers. It is included for the 6th consecutive year in "The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece", while for the 7th consecutive year it receives the distinction of "Top Employer" in Greece and Europe.
At Lidl Greece we are proud because we build perspective for all our stakeholders, on solid, sustainable foundations. Business ethics are a source of inspiration for our values and the chain of responsibility becomes an act of sustainable empowerment for our own people, consumers, partners.
Sustainability for us is not a simple wording, but shapes our business profile and runs horizontally through our daily life.

We are moving on the trajectory of a new sustainability strategy, which develops in three dynamic axes: "Good for the planet", "Good for people" and "Good for you" with the individual actions spread over six strategic pillars: climate protection, respect for biodiversity, conservation of resources, business law, health protection and participation in dialogue. It is a functional as well as an innovative approach that allows us to respond with best practices, at the right time, to a variety of challenges. We adapt quickly, build efficiency and remain sustainable, extroverted and beneficial to the whole.


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Objective Action

Our vision is to create the most sustainable range of products with the best prices. Our mission is to buy sustainable products made with sustainable raw materials. Our goal, in addition, is to engage consumers through awareness and education for sustainable consumption and lifestyle, providing consumers with sufficient information through product standards and labels.


Target Audience

Our goal through sustainability logos is to inform our consumers about sustainable products and their raw materials.



Following the instructions of the parent company, the goals will be completed by 2025. The duration is proportional to the starting point of each raw material for which we take care. For example, we control the reduction of plastic based on the starting year in 2017. But the reduction of salt and sugar in food ingredients based on the year 2015.


We want the private label products of LIDL Hellas to be constantly evolving and to adapt to the latest scientific findings and social developments. Working with integrated recording and surveillance systems, our goal is to increase sustainable products in all product categories.Our Sustainability is developed around a Balanced diet, Certified sources of raw materials and the Environment. We have a comprehensive strategy aiming for the good for the environment, the good for suppliers and the good for consumers. We often proceed to innovative solutions and certifications that are not yet well known in the Greek market.


Impact on Society

The results of the communication actions around our goals and the result of expanding the range with more sustainable products are visible every day. The recognition of Lidl Hellas as a chain with a sustainable profile is increasing. These consumers are buying more and more and trusting these products. The public is changing, eating habits are changing. We listen and our priority is what our consumers want. New vegan food products are highly valued and recognized. Certified products with the sustainability logo of international organizations are increasingly gaining a special place in the consumer's trolley.

Initiative Location

Since 2019, Lidl Hellas has been actively taking care of the environment, suppliers and people. We were the first to withdraw disposable plastics from our stores. We aim by 2025 to reduce the use of plastic by 20% and the maximum possible recyclability for 100% of the packaging of private label products. Raw analysis research is conducted on raw materials and we focus on their certification and sustainability. We set goals for cocoa, tea, coffee, cellulose, fish, fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants. We ask for certificates.We set specific goals and publish Position Analyzes with which we are committed to adhering to our positions. Balanced nutrition.

We continuously reduce the content of acrylamide, the migration of hydrocarbon mineral oils (MOSH / MOAH) in the food from the packages and we minimize the penetration of the Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids and the Tropane Alkaloids due to their compounds and zirconium. Regarding Fruits & Vegetables, Lidl Hellas accepts the residue of active ingredients up to one third of the upper legal limit.Stricter limits mean greater security. Based on the scientific findings, we aim to reduce the salt and sugar content and the amount of saturated fatty acids, with a goal of 20% less sugar and salt by 2025.


Working with Organization

We work with government authorities, other companies, suppliers, international organizations, initiatives and civil society organizations to build a better future together. To design better products. Through the configuration of our range we support the efforts of recognized certification standards such as Fairtrade, UTZ, Bio or Rainforest Alliance and we offer respectively certified products that bear the corresponding marks.We pay special attention to products of animal origin (meat, dairy, eggs, fish) by supporting certification standards, such as MSC, BIO and ASC. As for the Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers and Plants, we trade all have the certification GLOBAL G.A.P., Fairtrade or the Dutch Milieu Project Sierteel.


Workers Participation

The Department of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Purchasing Department is the starting point of LIDL Hellas' significant effort for a future with sustainable products.

As you know, we were the first to withdraw disposable plastics from our stores. The sustainable development of the company is inextricably linked to the sustainable development of the country and the heart of the development of sustainable products beats in the market segment.
The department is responsible for the effective surveillance and further development of over 50 KPIs, with targets around plastic, raw materials, product supply chain. Our vision is to create the most sustainable range of products with the best prices. Our mission is to buy sustainable products.
The specialized processing and preparation of communication material is done either in collaboration with the Buyers, or with autonomous communication with internal and external bodies (Stakeholders) including NGOs, industry initiatives and control institutes. In collaboration with the Communication and Corporate Responsibility department and the Marketing Department, communication material is created which travels in all directions through the communication channels of Lidl Hellas. The brochure, Social Media and the media.


Benefits for Οrganization

The benefits for Lidl Hellas is the joy of offering the best. The fact that we can now proudly say that we meet the wishes and requirements of our consumers even in the field of sustainability, because sustainability is an absolute priority for LIDL Hellas. We also take care of more complex goals and KPIs that many times the Greek market is still taking its first steps. Every day we innovate and see the benefit in consumer confidence by choosing sustainable products, reusable bags, etc.

Connection with Global Goals

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