KETHEA DIAVASI cultural center

KETHEA DIAVASI cultural center


KETHEA is the largest rehabilitation and social reintegration network in Greece. It has been providing its services to drug addicts and their families since Ithaki, the first Greek therapeutic community, was set up in 1983.


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Objective Action

A cultural center within a Therapeutic Community, creates the appropriate environment for networking between Therapeutic Program beneficiaries and the neighborhood, the people of art, various cultural and social groups.

At the same time, it becomes a nursery for young artists, enabling them to present their work, while approaching a sensitive social space. Through this co-exchange, prejudices and myths about drug-addicts are dispelled.

Through the voluntary and creative involvement of society, relationships are developed that promote prevention messages, raise public awareness for addiction, combat stigma and social exclusion, and support the process of social reintegration of ex drug users.

Places such as the Cultural Center of KETHEA DIAVASI are good practices of opening up to society, a creative call to young people with artistic concerns and a desire for participatory action, but also substantial social reintegration efforts and the removal of the stigma that accompanies addiction.


Target Audience

General Public
Local community
Artistic groups
Members of the therapeutic program KETHEA DIAVASI




Impact on Society

Initiative Location

Athens, Kypseli

Working with Organization

Workers Participation

Responsible of the Cultural Center is a member of staff who deals exclusively with the responsibilities of the specific position. Depending on the events that take place, he/ she collaborates with the Head of Therapeutic Program, the Head of the Education Department and the Family Association of the Program.


Benefits for Οrganization

KETHEAs intervention is promoted through the Center. For each action of the Cultural Center, posters are created and press releases are distributed to media, social organizations, other sponsors, school communities, friends and associates of the program. In addition, newsletters are sent and posts are made on the social networking pages of KETHEA.

The networking of the KETHEA DIAVASI therapeutic program with other bodies - artistic and not - is another important benefit, always with the aim of informing and raising awareness about addiction.

Connection with Global Goals

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