Disclosure of corporate objectives and relevant achievements

Disclosure of corporate objectives and relevant achievements

Hellas Gold

The mining company HELLAS GOLD SA was established in December 2003 with aiming to: Operate mines of all kinds, processing and marketing of minerals, establish and operate metalworking operations for vertical integration of production in Halkidiki.


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Objective Action

Hellas Gold Sustainability Report 2016, which is going to be published soon, will be the third edition of its kind covering the activities of the company during the period from 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2015. It covers business activities in Greece in all operating units.

The aim of the Report is the full and thorough update of our stakeholders for the sustainable development of the company and the effects on the economy, society and environment.


Target Audience

All our stakeholders

  • Employees and Contractors
  • Trade Unions
  • Shareholders
  • State / Public Administration
  • Suppliers and Partners
  • Business Associations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Local Communities and Local Unions
  • Local government
  • Media
  • Academic community
  • Customers
  • Greek Society


Ongoing- Continuous (2014-2016).


In order to create the report different divisions of our company have cooperated including information needed to enhance the completeness and the accuracy of the report. The Report has been prepared in a "basic" agreement (‘in accordance - Core'), with the fourth edition ( 'G4') of the International Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative ( 'GRI') ( ). The Report also covers the requirements of Greek Sustainability Code.
The GRI G4 indicators covering the Sustainability Report of Hellas Gold for 2015 have emerged through a thorough process, including issues arising from:

  • Internal strategic documents and procedures as well as results of the current consultation of interested parties (eg surveys)
  • Overview of the press and relevant publications for 2015
  • The sustainable development accounts of the parent company Eldorado Gold Corporation for the years 2014 and 2015
  • The accounts of similar enterprises of the mining industry in Greece and abroad
  • The new Sustainability Goals of the United Nations Development
  • Special versions of the GRI organization for the mining industry
  • International standards and sustainability guidelines for both the mining industry and general trends.

For details on all of the disclosures can be found in the Sustainability Report of Hellas Gold for 2015.


Impact on Society

The company issues an annual report including non-financial data, administrative practices and improvement targets. Τhe goals and the practices are recorded based on specific, internationally accepted indicators to the annual results to be comparable, and measurable for improvements.

Given the fact that this process is so voluntarily for companies in Greece, it becomes clear that in Hellas Gold we aim to be accountable and transparent. The steady improvement of responsible operation indicators as reflected in our annual reports demonstrates that we are committed to transparency and excellence for our company.

The company has one of the most comprehensive databases available to the public via internet where various issues and practices are recorded and displayed. Hellas Gold is attempting to confirm many indicators and by external auditors and also soon the integrated environmental monitoring system will be available through the itnernet in real time.

Initiative Location


Working with Organization

The sustainability reports are produced in cooperation with consulting companies with long experience in the preparation and issuing of sustainability reports.


Workers Participation

Τhe company has fostered  transparency culture in all employees no matter the level and therefore  the reporting of the responsible operation indicators is direct. 

Moreover, our employees are concerned with the improvement of Hellas Gold performance as measured by these indicators.


Benefits for Οrganization

Good opinions for Hellas Gold are increased over time.

The publication of company data enables the comparison of Hellas Gold with other companies revealing the strengths and weaknesses of our company, improving our business strategy in all areas, assisting us in targeting a number of operational practices. This improvement is shown by the achievement of the objectives set by the company every year and the publication of the results. The disclosure is made through sustainability reports that are available on the company's website. It becomes visible that the constant effort of self-improvement in Hellas Gold in many cases goes far beyond the compliance with the law. In Hellas Gold our goal is to become a more secure, more environmentally responsible and reliable company.

The certifications for our company on the environment (ISO 14001), financial management (SOX), Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001, RESCUE TEAM CERTIFICATIONS) and our awards on Corporate Responsibility (CRI SILVER, FING) and HR (HR Excellence awards) that are based on our publicly disclosed indicators rank us among the most reliable companies operating in Greece.

Connection with Global Goals

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