World Environment Day 2018: Cleaning of the seabed of Kavala’s port “Apostolos Pavlos”.

World Environment Day 2018: Cleaning of the seabed of Kavala’s port “Apostolos Pavlos”.


Established in 2007, Energean is a London Premium Listed FTSE 250 (LSE: ENOG) and Tel Aviv  (TASE:אנאג) Listed E&P company with operations in eight countries across the Mediterranean and UK North Sea. Since IPO, Energean has grown to become the leading independent, gas-focused E&P company in the Eastern Mediterranean, with a strong production and development growth profile. The Company explores and invests in new ideas, concepts and solutions to produce and develop energy efficiently, at low cost and with a low carbon footprint. Energean's production comes mainly from the Abu Qir field in Egypt and fields in Southern Europe. The company's flagship project is the 3.5 Tcf Karish, Karish North and Tanin development, offshore Israel, where it intends to use the newbuild fully-owned FPSO Energean Power, which will be the only FPSO in the Eastern Mediterranean, to produce first gas, commencing mid-2022.With a strong track record of growing reserves and resources, Energean is focused on maximising production from its large-scale gas-focused portfolio to deliver material free cash flow and maximise total shareholder return in a sustainable way. ESG and health and safety are paramount to Energean; it aims to run safe and reliable operations, whilst targeting carbon-neutrality across its operations by 2050.

Objective Action

  • Development of environmental awareness, education and mobilization of employees and citizens through activities.
  • Alarming and providing information (information campaign) on environmental issues.
  • Initiatives and synergies with third parties developed by Energean for the Protection of the Environment (Partnerships for the Goals).
  • Protection of the ecosystem.

Target Audience

  • Energean’s Management and Employees.
  • Kavala’s Citizens.
  • The General Public (through TV coverage).


Preparation: Three months.

Execution: Two days.


5th of June 2018: World Environment Day!

With the moto “WE CARE”, Energean celebrated the day!

In the morning, Energean offered informative lectures by a Professor of Oceanology and an Environmental Engineer, attended by Kavala’s Grammar School students (5th and 6th Grade).

Our company’s celebration of the World Environment Day continued that same evening by cleaning the seabed of "Apostolos Pavlos", the Main Port of Kavala, a city in North Eastern Greece that is located a few miles away from Energean's Prinos producing oil field. Energean’s divers alongside with divers- volunteers were in the sea for more than two hours where they dove in for a good purpose. Among the divers-volunteers were Mrs.Ilia Rigas, Energean’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Department, and Yoram Laks, Head of Security of Energean Israel. With the support of Energean’s vessels “Energean Wave” and “Skala Prinos”, with the collaboration of Kavala’s Port Authority and with dozens of citizens watching, the divers managed to locate and drag from the seabed all kinds of old materials which cause marine pollution.

During the activity, Energean’s employees were explaining to the viewers the action, while distributing cotton reusable bags and flyers made by recycled paper. The flyers contained information regarding recycling, the importance of keeping our seas and oceans clean, as well as the reduction of plastic usage and the protection of life below water. The activity brought together Energean’s management and employees from Athens, London, Israel and Kavala, Energean’s vessels and divers, Kavala’s Port Authority, local stakeholders and personalities, along with the citizens of the city. 

To honor the World Environment Day, Energean also decided to change its logo for the 5th of June. In all internal and external communication, the Company and its employees used a logo with a blue dolphin above Energean’s name.

The TV report coverage of the activity, a year later, was awarded with the first prize by the Ministry of Tourism, as the best TV Report for the year 2019 for a peripheral channel, regarding Environmental Action (ENA Channel, Kavala).


Impact on Society

An apparent and direct impact from this action by Energean was the location, collection and removal of items from the seabed of Kavala’s port “Apostolos Pavlos”. The items were tires, chairs, tables, parking cones, super market baskets, iron tools, ropes, CDs, an old bicycle and many other things. The sight of garbage being removed from the sea, along with their collection on the back of a truck, created very powerful images. These images, that are surely hard to forget, raised the awareness of society since they were seen by several people who watched the event as eye witnesses, as well as by people that watched it through television and social media. The activity informed the general public about the port pollution and the negative “contribution” of society to the environment. The clear message is that we need to keep the environment and our surroundings clean. The appalling spectacle, served as a negative example, and signaled that we need to respect the Environment more and prevent pollution in our everyday lives. Furthermore, by following all legal procedures and acquiring all necessary permits, Energean filled an institutional gap in the city. 

Initiative Location

The Main Port of Kavala, named "Apostolos Pavlos". Kavala is a beautiful city in North-Eastern Greece that is located in front of the sea and a few miles away from Energean's Prinos producing oil field.


Working with Organization

  • Port Authority of Kavala.
  • ENA Channel (local channel that was awarded for the TV report coverage).

Workers Participation

Energean’s Management and Employees from Athens, London, Israel and Kavala.

Benefits for Οrganization

  • Strengthening of Energean’s company profile as an Environmentally Responsible Corporation.
  • Energean is setting an example by intervening and vigorously acting, in order to clean and protect the Environment.
  • Servicing SDG Goal No 14: Life Below Water.
  • Practicing the implementation of the Goal, by actually acting on it.
  • Energean’s Head of CSR, Mrs. Ilia Rigas, by diving and helping the port’s clean-up, set a brave and shining example for the company and other executives and employees, to follow a sustainable and environmentally sound attitude and lifestyle.
  • The management, the executives and the employees had the same benefits as the rest of the public, with some of them in an even more powerful way: they took part in the activity/event.
  • The impact “returns” to the company as a kind of a non-formal education and training to its people. With this activity, employees’ love for a clean environment is either born or enhanced.

Connection with Global Goals

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