Innovative green product Symetal Battery Foil (SBF) for e-mobility

Innovative green product Symetal Battery Foil (SBF) for e-mobility


Symetal has been involved in the production of aluminium foil products, mainly used in packaging solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries. With more than 40 years’ experience and expertise in aluminium foil rolling and converting processing, it offers tailor-made and innovative, high value-added solutions. Symetal is highly export-oriented, with more than 90% of its sales carried out in around 70 countries. Being a strategic partner to the largest consumer, food and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers, Symetal leverages on its technical expertise and implements a continuous development approach, following a business model that is based on sustainability and green economy principles.



Objective Action

Development of an innovative product with eco-friendly properties, covering market needs and demand. Symetal has developed this new product, responding to the growing needs of the global electric vehicle industry for high-performance batteries made in Europe and US.


Target Audience

The target audience is producers of rechargeable batteries intended for usage in electric vehicles (cars, buses, trucks, trains, airplanes, etc.).



2017 until today



Electromobility and the detachment from combustion engines in automobility has been recognized as a key pillar in combating air pollution worldwide, contributing to the fight against climate change. To tackle the problem, the entire automotive industry has turned to innovative solutions for electric vehicles.

The obvious prospect for the rapid development of e-mobility in Europe, in the context of the European Green Deal, has led to the need for large rechargeable battery plants (Gigafactories), which in turn require quality raw materials with innovative production processes emphasizing on environmental protection.


Symetal's goal was to develop a product that will meet the contemporary and future needs of battery manufacturers, through an innovative production process that will ensure a reduction in the use of raw materials, responsible use of raw materials and energy savings.


Symetal Battery Foil (SBF) is at the core of Li-ion batteries, used as a key element of the electrodes. The requirements for such product are extremely high, as the quality of the rolled aluminium is linked both to the efficiency of the battery producers’ processes and to the performance of the final product (the battery) as well.


SBF's special alloying and innovative production process is the result of exhaustive testing with established European manufacturers of rechargeable battery cells.

The development of the new innovative SBF product with this specific production process required more than a hundred different industrial-scale tests in less than three years.

Symetal has achieved its goal of launching SBF, an innovative and eco-friendly product in several aspects.

The end use of the product in electric vehicles contributes to the independence from fossil fuels, as well as to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing to the fight against climate change.

By reducing the thickness of the rolled aluminium from 15μm and 20μm of the traditional products to 11μm and 12μm, a reduction in the use of raw materials is achieved.

Symetal offers the innovative double-rolled battery foil (SBF), reducing energy consumption by almost half for the last stages of rolling.

Our innovative production process has eliminated the need for chemical degreasing, resulting in zero use of chemicals and zero chemical waste. Therefore, responsible use of raw materials and elimination of chemical waste is achieved.



To enter the value chain of the automotive industry, Symetal was recently certified by Lloyd’s Register for its Quality Assurance System in accordance with the IATF 16949:2016 international standard. IATF 16949:2016 is a very demanding quality standard for the automotive industry, the certification of which has been achieved by only few Greek companies. IATF 16949:2016 promotes continuous improvement, defect prevention, reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.


Impact on Society

Symetal is one of the leading aluminum foil producers active in this market worldwide.

Since 2017, hundreds of battery cell manufacturers worldwide have sourced over 200 SBF tons, while another 250-300 SBF tons are projected to be supplied in 2021. Our goal is to have more than 6,000 tons sold by 2025. 100% of sales are exports, contributing to an export-oriented Greek economy, especially in a high technology and high added-value sector that actively contributes to the protection of our planet’s resources and the fight against climate change.

Initiative Location

Symetal Battery Foil is developed and produced at Symetal's facilities in Oinofyta, Viotia, and is directed mainly to the European and US markets.

Working with Organization

For the development and production of the SBF product, Symetal collaborated with Elkeme - Hellenic Research Centre for Metals S.A. ( and Elval - aluminium rolling division of ElvalHalcor, as well as with its customers.


Workers Participation

During the development phase, experts of Symetal’s Technology department run the project, while almost all of the production employees participated in the production phase.


Benefits for Οrganization

The benefits from the production and distribution of Symetal Battery Foil are significant for the Company, since the product contributes to:

  • Expanding Symetal’s product portfolio.
  • Entering new markets of high technology and high added-value.
  • Promoting innovation.
  • Keeping the Company’s competitive advantage at international level.
  • Responding to customer needs and exceeding customer requirements.
  • Further improvement of the Company’s Quality Assurance System to meet the needs of the automotive industry.
  • Worldwide Company recognition, for its contribution to sustainable development and the transition to green economy.
  • Improving the image of prestige and reliability in the market thanks to the Quality Assurance System certification in accordance with the IATF 16949:2016 standard for the automotive industry.

Connection with Global Goals

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