Chiesi Hellas

In January 1998, twelve people with vision, courage and enthusiasm founded in Greece the subsidiary of Chiesi, an Italian pharmaceutical company based in Parma with an enviable research work to show, especially in the field of respiratory diseases. A series of interesting products complement and strengthen the doctor's arsenal in recent years and provide reliable solutions to serious conditions, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and respiratory distress in newborns.

Today, Chiesi Hellas having already increased its staff and sales, is a properly organized company, with a dynamic presence in the Greek Pharmaceutical market, with high growth rates that are a serious legacy for an even better future.



Objective Action

Both for the Chiesi Group and for Chiesi Hellas the concept of health is not unambiguous. It is given a broader meaning that includes the health of the planet, since the health of the planet and its inhabitants are interdependent.

Sustainability is a pillar of our strategic plan. As such, we seek to act as a force for collective good and help reduce negative impacts in the areas where we operate. We have adopted a model based on responsible consumption and production in order to reduce our footprint on the environment and preserve our resources for future generations.

In 2019 we publicly announced our commitment to net zero carbon dioxide emissions by the end of 2035, well ahead of the 2050 target set in the Paris Agreement.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to make our building "green", i.e. eco-sustainable, like the headquarters of our Group in Parma. The Better Building Project focuses on improving the sustainability of our building and aims to raise awareness about the responsible use of resources such as water and energy, minimizing waste generation and encouraging recycling and reuse. All this is primarily aimed at the well-being of our people, since well-being in the workplace and green mobility are our priority.


Target Audience

-All office workers of Chiesi Hellas

-The wider society



Three years (2022-2024)


There are four main stages for the implementation of this Project:

The first stage includes the assessment of the environmental impact in the following five categories: a) energy (collection of data in relation to the energy sources used), b) water (data on water consumption), c) waste (annual collection) , d) transportation (finding ways to transport employees that reduce the environmental footprint), e) employee experience (measuring office air quality and employee participation in office well-being research).

The second stage includes the creation of an Action Plan, which will record i) the improvement actions that must be taken in order to strengthen the building's sustainability, ii) possible particularities that must be taken into account.

The third stage includes the implementation of the Action Plan with continuous monitoring.

The fourth stage includes evaluation of the course of implementation of the Action Plan, adaptation to new data and improvements, if and where necessary.


Impact on Society

The Chiesi Group has developed a "BETTER BUILDING POLICY" and there are already 2 SOPs:

1st Energy Assessment SOP (HQMF-SOP-ENG-0026) which aims to assess, during the initial phase, the impact of energy use and any potential optimization opportunities.

2nd SOP Minimum Sustainability and Energy Requirements SOP (HQMF-SOP-ENG0027) which aims to set corporate standards for all new equipment and devices.

To date have been measured:

A) Carbon Dioxide (on-site measurement) and Total Volatile Compounds, TVOC-Total Volatile Organic Compounds, (on-site measurement)

The announcement of the results is pending

B) -Saving plastic for 2021 (14,447 less plastic water bottles in the offices of Chiesi Hellas and 127 kg of caps recycled)

     -Saving paper for 2021 (-43% for 2021 and +52% of recycling in boxes, cardboard and paper packaging)

     -Power saving (7.8% reduction in power consumption in 2021 compared to 2020)

     -Recycling of organic waste (we recycled 32% more organic waste compared to 2020)

C) Employee satisfaction survey

The announcement of the results is pending

Impact on the public:

-We ensure an absolutely healthy working environment, taking care of the well-being of our people

-We create and foster a culture of responsible use of scarce resources within the work environment

-We strengthen environmental awareness and intergenerational solidarity

- We strengthen the interdepartmental cooperation within the company but also more broadly in the Organization

Initiative Location

Chiesi Building (Alimos, Athens)

Working with Organization

Chiesi Corporate

Workers Participation

3 employees (Panagiotis Zafeirellis, Alexandra Vetsika, Georgia Isari)


Benefits for Οrganization

-We affirm our character as a BCorp company that uses business as a force for the collective good.

-We confirm the company's commitment to Actions Over Words

-We act as an "example" of adopting high environmental standards for other businesses as well

-We care about the well-being of our people, since workplace well-being and green mobility are our priority

Connection with Global Goals

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