ATHENS-2 – The new, top energy-efficient data center

ATHENS-2 – The new, top energy-efficient data center


LAMDA HELLIX, is a leading provider of data center services in SE Europe that helps enterprises and telcos increase safety and availability of their mission-critical applications.


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Objective Action

The goal of the action was to penetrate the market with an innovative and unique data center for the Greek market, Athens-2, which follows the energy efficiency prototypes of advanced countries. Athens-2 has been designed and constructed to offer an exceptional energy efficiency with regard to its physical environment, (standalone operation), as well as the services it offers to the customers of LAMDA HELLIX. Athens-2 is the only data center in Europe and one of a few in the world that has obtained LEED v4 BD+C (Gold Certification), for the design and fabrication of energy efficient data center installations.


Target Audience

  • Large and mid-size enterprises and public sector organizations
  • Bank & insurance companies
  • Telcos
  • Cloud service providers
  • Content providers


The design and development of the project lasted 18 months. Athens-2 launched its operations in December 2014.


According to an international survey of 2010, data centers consume 1.3% of the global energy. This consumption increased by 56% in five years between 2005 and 2010. Therefore, the energy efficiency of data centers can have a major impact on the environment, as well as on corporate sustainability.

LAMDA HELLIX is a European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Center Endorser and collects and analyzes information relevant to the energy consumption of data centers, aiming to recognize ways to save energy and to produce energy reports for the documented decisions taken in accordance to the choice of actions, adjustments and new investments. A possible increase of data center’s energy consumption infers a rise of running costs that will be passed on to the cost of services toward the clients and, also, will magnify the carbon footprint of LAMDA HELLIX and that of its customers. LAMDA HELLIX leverages the collected data with an aim to record the consumption of each infrastructure system (air-condition, UPS, scaffold, etc). With regard to the investments, LAMDA HELLIX designed and implemented Athens-2, a pioneering data center with proven unique energy efficiency. Built in Koropi, Attica, Athens-2 employs advanced technologies and applications in a modular and flexible environment of 1800 m2 and provides 360 monitoring of energy management. At the same time, it is certified by the Uptime Institute for Tier III availability of redundant infrastructures that guarantees the constant operation of the systems it hosts on account of its customers.

Athens-2 is the only data center in Europe and one of a few in the world that has obtained LEED v4 BD+C (Gold certification), for the design and fabrication of energy efficient data center installations from the US Green Building Council. The LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design: is recocnised internationally as the most significant indicator in the evaluation and certification of “green” buildings and identifies best practices and strategies in the design, development and operation of energy efficient buildings.

As a result of LAMDA HELLIX restless efforts for minimizing footprint of Athens-2 and reducing energy consumption, the company has achieved a PUE 1.4. The PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rate is the living proof for the energy efficiency of Athens-2, as it is a performance best practice for high availability infrastructures (Tier III) in Southern Europe and is significantly better than the world average rate of 2.9 (source: ComputerWorld

By completing and operating Athens-2, LAMDA HELLIX achieved the following strategic goals:

- To increase its competitiveness locally and internationally, by offering a solution which is perfectly competing the most advanced solutions of the western countries.
- To assure that it will continue to offer leading, reliable services to its customers, now and in the future.
- To consider energy efficiency and how its service portfolio affects the environment.
- To remain a company that makes proud both its customers and employees.


Impact on Society

Athens-2 is a complete services pack that goes beyond any offering by other local providers. LAMDA HELLIX customers benefit from a series of advantages:

Certified energy efficiency: LAMDA HELLIX has designed and developed Athens-2 by following the strictest international standards, resulting to efficiency increase of 50%, compared to the average data center energy efficiency.
Countable results: The energy consumption of Athens-2 is being monitored and recorded by advanced DCIM (Data Center infrastructure Management) systems, in order to produce reliable conclusions that result to further spare of energy by 20%. Cost reduction by at least 20% for better services, due to economies of scale.
Efficiency for all: The modular design of Athens-2 provides energy efficiency despite the size of the project, so as it caters for the needs of both large and smaller size companies.

Initiative Location

This innovative data center is built at Koropi, Attica; its services, though, are competitive all across Europe.

Working with Organization

Athens-2 was designed by the experienced engineers of LAMDA HELLIX, with the support of third parties, such as the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, the U.S. Green Building Council, the Uptime Institute, and Schneider Electric.


Workers Participation

The design, implementation and operation of Athens-2 is managed by LAMDA HELLIX engineers, who are experienced in developing some of the most important “green” data centers in Greece, on behalf of LAMDA HELLIX customers.

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Benefits for Οrganization

Athens-2 helped LAMDA HELLIX develop new services that contribute to the company's transformation so as, beyond any usual data center services, provides modern, innovative and flexible services for hosting, interconnection among customers, Internet connection with advanced level of availability guarantee, as well as interconnection among SPs and customers at a managed and efficient manner, in accordance with strict SLAs.


Athens-2 data center contributes to competitiveness increase for LAMDA HELLIX, as it allows the company to offer services which:


- Are unique in South-Eastern Europe.
- Are directly competitive to the services offered by only the greatest providers worldwide.
- Can respond to any company’s needs, particularly those in need of enhanced energy efficient.

By launching Athens-2, LAMDA HELLIX can compete in the most dynamic way the major “players” of this industry worldwide, asserting more international projects. LAMDA HELLIX, which is positioned among the industry leaders for innovation and reliability, re-affirms its superiority in the industry, while proving that Greece can be a successful destination for the hosting of IT systems from anywhere in the globe.

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