Athens Data Center Campus – Meeting Innovation & Energy Efficiency

Athens Data Center Campus – Meeting Innovation & Energy Efficiency


LAMDA HELLIX, is a leading provider of data center services in SE Europe that helps enterprises and telcos increase safety and availability of their mission-critical applications.


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Objective Action

The goal of this action was the development of an innovative and cutting-edge data center campus, able to meet the increased needs of the domestic and European market as well as the energy and technological requirement worldwide. The increased penetration of technology in everyday life has boosted the needs of the companies for data center services. The answer to this high demand is the development of competitive and innovative infrastructure that can reassure uninterrupted operation and the lowest possible energy consumption for protecting the environment.

In LAMDA HELLIX we believe that energy management and efficiency is the first and most important step towards long-term sustainability of the infrastructure and the operational units of a company. We actively seek sustainable development, incorporating environmental friendly policies both for everyday operations and for the services we offer.


Target Audience

Addresses mainly to large and mid-size enterprises and public sector organizations, financial and insurance companies, telcos, cloud service providers, content providers. It also addresses indirectly to the massive majority of the inhabitants in Greece that use financial, telecommunications, public sector services etc.



Continuous and uninterrupted. 


Athens Data Center Campus consists of Athen-1 and Athens-2. Specific and coordinated actions for the energy upgrade of the infrastructure has been implemented in order to highlight the campus as one of the most ecological operational centers in Europe.

Specifically, Athens-1 has been established based on international standards, taking precaution measures so as to achieve the maximum possible reduction of the operational energy footprint while recently has been the first data center worldwide to be certified in Gold Level under LEED  O+M certification for its “green” operation and management. LEED certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is recognized internationally as the most significant indicator in the evaluation and certification of “green” buildings that has been developed by U.S. Green Building Council. It identifies the best practices and strategies in the design, development and operation of energy efficient buildings.

In 2015, when Athen-2 was development, Athens Data Center Campus has come to its final form. Athens-2, utilizes the most advantageous technologies and applications, in a modular, flexible environment that offers A-Z solutions and comprehensive monitoring of energy management. It is also certified by the Uptime Institute for Tier III availability of redundant infrastructures that guarantee the constant operation of the systems it hosts on account of its customers. Athens-2 is the only data center in Europe and one of a few in the world that has obtained LEED v4 BD+C (Gold certification), for the design and fabrication of energy efficient data center installations from the US Green Building Council.

In Athens Data Center Campus, all the necessary measures has been taken in order to reassure the ecological operation of the building and to help reduce the energy footprint. Indicative examples are following:

  • Initiatives have been implemented for the achievement of the overall reduction in energy consumption by 34% compared to the baseline model according to ASHRAE, such as hosting virtualized servers for lower energy consumption, innovative ventilation/air conditioning systems (HVAC) taking advantage of low outdoor temperatures (free cooling) while incorporating contemporary cooling solutions (evaporative cooling) for energy savings and reduction of harmful gas emissions. Modern systems for Uninterrupted  Power Supply (UPS), modular architecture for high level of energy efficiency.
  • Monitoring and recording of energy consumption through DCIM for energy savings up to 20%.
  • Water savings through the usage of rainwater by 30% for the indoors and 80% for the outdoors.
  • Permanent water consumption meters and data delivery to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).
  • Recycling up to 70% of used materials.
  • Green spaces up to 30.6% of the site.
  • Parking lots and charging station for electrical vehicles as well as incentives to use Public Transportation.
  • Study for the usage of natural light in 70% of office space.


Impact on Society

Additionally to our customers, all the people that use their digital applications receive the multiple advantages of the “green” operation of our infrastructures. Our customers enjoy low operational costs allowing them to be competitive towards their clientele. The high energy efficiency of our infrastructure guarantees the uninterrupted operation of their systems and they can in return, reassure their customers for the seamless operation of their applications. The actions we perform daily by using a variety of internet applications, has a significant footprint to the environment, for which LAMDA HELLIX is taking all the necessary measures to reduce to the lowest as possible.

Initiative Location

This innovative data center is built at Koropi, Attica; its services, though, are competitive all across Europe.

Working with Organization

Athens Data Center Campus was designed by the experienced engineers of LAMDA HELLIX, in collaboration with third parties, such as the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, the E.C Institute for Energy, the U.S. Green Building Council, the Uptime Institute, ARUP, and Schneider Electric.


Workers Participation

LAMDA HELLIX and Athens Data Center Campus could not exist without its people. Consisting of a group of people that share the vision and the philosophy of the company, we take active volunteer actions in collaboration with many environmental NGO’s operating in Greece.

Also, the design, implementation and operation of Athens-2 is managed by LAMDA HELLIX’ engineers, who are experienced in developing some of the most important “green” data centers in Greece, proving that environmental conscious is part of our everyday business.


Benefits for Οrganization

Our aim and vision is to highlight the necessity for investments in projects and measures that ensure “green” entrepreneurship, the benefits of which are tangible both in terms of economy for all the participants as well as in terms of quality of life since the environment in which we live in is upgraded.

The company uses in its infrastructure the most advanced systems achieving significant benefits for the company and the environment. The savings in operating costs are up to 30% of the average energy consumption of the infrastructure, which represents a power consumption that could burden the environment with 1 ton of carbon dioxide, which in turn corresponds to 3.500km of a car.

Connection with Global Goals

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