TOPIC: Initiatives on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic


#WeCare Campaign

#WeCare Campaign

Objective Action

GEP has evolved into the ultimate Health & Safety consultant since the early days of the pandemic. Launching the #wecare campaign, he decided to assist the Greek business on a non-profit basis in order to raise awareness of pandemic management issues, to inform and also to help as much as possible in the compliance of companies according to the needs set by the authorities and international good practices daily. It operated as an immovable body of education & information of Health & Safety that shaped the daily life of employees and defined the management of employers without being placed commercially, without the slightest financial requirement for its actions.


Target Audience

GEP decided to take an active part in structuring the Health & Safety culture not only in the professional environment but also individually in every human consciousness. From the first moment of the pandemic, GEP was active in informing the citizens through its Newsletters that address 5,200 contacts of the Greek business community but also through the social networking platforms it uses (Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube). She created on her blog on the company's website a channel of continuous communication of the news to all those interested in the management of the pandemic.

At the same time, recognizing the need for its help to the wider community, it implemented 4 web-conferences and 1 webinar through which it offered knowledge and guidance free of charge to all.



From the outburst of Covid-19, and still ongoing.


The translations of good practices in the context of Greek legislation and reality played a dominant role in the briefings. All the circulars as well as the new measures announced by the government were simultaneously studied by the GEP R&D team, and the information to the recipients was created with simultaneous advice on their implementation. Topics such as virus prevention measures, suspected case management, working from home with health and safety, disinfection in the workplace, entry-stay & exit from the workplace, ventilation of workplaces, pandemic and much more, helped businesses to to be autonomous and to be able to create educational material for their employees while at the same time acting as a guide for their daily actions. Also, organizing webinars & webconferences without any subscription,

Gathering its know-how and experience, GEP, realizing the needs of the market, companies of independent size and activity but also the Society in general, proceeded to develop a comprehensive guide for the management of the Koronivos pandemic, with accumulated and rich knowledge, formulated in a simple and understandable way to inform Employers and Employees. Him
It offered this guide for free to all its customers and non-customers, embodying the values ​​and drive of GEP itself, giving an even deeper meaning to offer to the wider community. This manual was issued at 2 different times, with the first edition on 5 May 2020 and the second on 26 November 2020.


Impact on Society

In total, more than 100 updates have been sent to date, which have been opened more than 374,000 times, and which under the title "#WeCare" inform the audience registered in our list of recipients, about the interpretations of the new JMCs, and all current legislation on Covid-19. More than 5,200 users are registered. The updates are posted on the official website of GEP, followed by posts on the pages on Facebook & Linkedin. GEP's Facebook page is followed by over 1500 users, while respectively GEP's page on Linkedin, is followed by over 10,500 users.

Initiative Location

All actions were organized by GEP.

Working with Organization

Workers Participation

All GEP employees and partners contributed to the creation and implementation of the #WeCare campaign. The team effort and interdepartmental support, managed to consolidate this campaign in companies, employers and employees as a valuable support action with a consulting role.


Benefits for Οrganization

GEP, with the implementation of these actions, established itself as a Health & Safety Consultant company while operating as an immovable Health & Safety training and information agency that shaped the daily lives of employees and defined the management of employers in the face of pandemic issues.

Connection with Global Goals

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