Financial Management and Transparency

Financial Management and Transparency


The Municipality of Aktiou - Vonitsa is a municipality of the Region of Western Greece that was established under the Kallikratis Program in 2011, from the merger of the pre-existing municipalities of Anaktoriou, Medeonos and Palairos.

Its area amounts to 662.94 sq. km. and the population from 17,370 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census, now, based on the data of the 2021 census, amounts to 14,656 inhabitants.

The seat of the new municipality is its largest town, Vonitsa. The list below lists the municipal units, local communities, cities, villages and settlements of the Municipality of Akti - Vonitsa.

The data comes from the Gazette of the Government of the Hellenic Republic, issue 2, page 3465 (December 28, 2012): "Results of the 2011 Population-Housing Census concerning the Permanent Population of the Country" (pdf file), taking into account the amendment of the aforementioned file in accordance with Official Gazette 698/B'/20.03.2014.
The population referred to is the permanent population.

Objective Action

The most efficient use of available resources amid the strict bureaucratic limitations of the current regulatory framework.


Target Audience

Citizens of the Municipality of Akti - Vonitsa



Years 2015-2016-2017


In recent years, the main goal of the Municipality of Akti Vonitsa is the

As much as possible absorption and implementation of both state and local funds in order to carry out projects for the better development of the region. This is achieved every time with the correct information and the immediate mobilization of all the bodies of the municipality under the supervision and guidance of the mayor, who stands out for his organization and efficiency in the absorption and implementation of infrastructure projects.


Impact on Society

The Efficiency Index study presented by the Center for Liberal Studies "Markos Dragoumis" evaluates and ranks 320 municipal authorities in the country based on their performance in three key areas: financial management, transparency and accountability, and services provided to Citizens.

In the overall ranking among the ten best municipalities in terms of their overall efficiency for the year 2017, the Municipality of Akti Vonitsa was ranked eighth.

More specifically, for the calculation of performance in financial management, where the Municipality of Akti Vonitsa was ranked seventh in the 2017 ranking among mixed Municipalities, the data of the Municipalities' budgets and reports were used. In terms of municipal revenues, the data relating to the reimbursable fees for electric lighting and cleaning, for the determination of which the Municipalities have substantial responsibilities, are used.

In the sub-category "Staff costs as a percentage of total expenses", the Municipality of Akti Vonitsa was ranked 8th among mixed municipalities with staff costs of 24% of total expenses in 2017.

The distinction in a scientific research is a great achievement for the Municipality and proves the rational and targeted use of incoming resources.

Initiative Location


Working with Organization

Workers Participation

In the implementation of the goals, apart from the main administrator who is the mayor, Mr. George Apostolakis, there is cooperation and participation from all employees in the Local Government


Benefits for Οrganization

Development of the Municipality of Akti - Vonitsa with the implementation of new infrastructure projects for the benefit of the citizens' better quality of life.

Upgrading the profile of the Municipality, as a socially responsible Municipality, having won the trust of the citizens.

Connection with Global Goals

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