Children's Creative Employment Centers

Childrens Creative Employment Centers


For a number of years, K.E.D.A. is a development agency and focuses mainly on the fields of education, social protection and solidarity.

Our actions, our programs, our events, particularly concern the youth of the city, who are the future of this place, but also the vulnerable groups that need help.

Especially for our little friends, our main concern is their care from an early age, the right way to integrate them into society as well as their creative education, developing abilities and skills through fun.

K.E.D.A. at the same time, it is a large "umbrella" of social services and constantly tries to serve the needs of the citizens.

We are a big family, with feelings of equality, responsibility and social solidarity, ready to cope with every need of our local society.

Objective Action

The actions are aimed at informing and awakening both young and adult citizens of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos. The fight against discrimination and social exclusion, social inclusion and equal access is a central pillar of all three actions of the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos.

In comparison:

  Action entitled: "Safe Thria" aims to educate children on traffic education and road safety. Development of stimuli and awareness so that they adopt a responsible attitude as pedestrians, as passengers and as bicycle drivers, but also the participation of their parents, as citizens and townspeople to be informed and awaken and develop traffic awareness.

  Action entitled: Week of action in KDAP against Bullying. The aim is to inform and provide information to both young children and the citizens of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos, with the aim of eliminating inequalities at the school, work and social level in general.

  Action entitled: "Actions for the Mediterranean Diet".

  Actions aimed at informing both students and parents to improve the quality of life in nutrition matters. Information about childhood obesity and its effects, as well as the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, aim to improve the quality of life and reduce social inequalities by enabling information and the consequences of adopting an incorrect model of diet.


Target Audience

The actions are aimed at the children hosted at the Children's Creative Employment Centers, their Parents and all the Citizens of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos.



Start of actions October until today


Action entitled: "Safe Thria":

A.: "Safe Thria" (01/10/2018)

An educational activity entitled "Safe Thria" was carried out by the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos with the NGO "MyGrand Road" on Wednesday, October 31 at the 1st Primary School of Aspropyrgos, and it was about road safety. Young and old were informed about the correct use of the Emergency Lane and the European Emergency Number 112 through the book of the author Sotiris Giannopoulos "Lea Leopoulos". and those who attended the event, visited Heroes Square where racing vehicles were set up.

B. "Safe Thria 2" (February 2019):

Experiential workshops on road safety and traffic education for students of KDAP Aspropyrgos. The action was experiential and was done separately in each Children's Creative Employment Center. The children were first informed about how to recognize road signs and the correct use of a bicycle safety helmet, and then they were led to the traffic education park that had been prepared in the courtyard by the partners of "My Grand Road". At the end, all children received a Certificate of Participation and an indicative Bicycle Driving Diploma.

C. "Safe Thria 3" We run only in our... sports shoes (April 2019)

The action had much more than the children's walk through the streets of the city accompanied by the teachers. It had an informational, educational program.

Action entitled: Week of action in KDAP against Bullying

A. Week of action in KDAP against Bullying (April 2019):

A. Information against school bullying was held at the Children's Creative Employment Centers (KDAP), actions for children in collaboration with expert scientists from the Youth Alternative Search Cell (KEAN). The children were informed about Bullying and learned to speak up, which is the main way to deal with a phenomenon that is taking on alarming proportions in our country. In fact, they painted and sent their own message: "Hands are not for beating, but for giving love."

B. Information program against the victimization of citizens implemented by KEDA to children and parents of the Centers for Creative Employment of Children. The program is scientifically supported by Ms. Despina Svourdakou, Criminologist-Doctor of Pantei University and Mr. Liako Thanos, teacher of physical education with specialization in Tae Kwon Do, boxing, DRCS self-defense and coach of AS "Drakos Aspropyrgou". The information program was also carried out for high school students with great success.

C. A KEDA-KEAN comic against bullying

The Youth Alternative Search Cell (KEAN) in collaboration with KEDA designed a comic book for World Bully Day and distributed it to all KDAP of Aspropyrgos with the aim of raising children's awareness.

"Actions for the Mediterranean Diet"

A. With nutrition as an ally (February 2019)

A new service was added to the KDAP and also to the childcare centers of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos. Ms. Vicky Karagianni, Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist with MBA and PhD, was added to the KEDA team. So parents and staff will have a qualified person next to them to answer questions and give advice. Informational material on childhood and infant obesity was shared with parents. Nutrition is a key element for this and in addition to information, the nutritionist is regularly near the children and will take measurements to create a profile, individually for each child and also offer her advice to the parents. In more detail, a height meter and weight measurement was implemented for each student, a record of measurements was kept and the growth curves were updated. In addition, parents and guardians were informed about the results of the measurement.

B. Mediterranean Diet Open-Day (May 2019)

A day on the subject of "Open-Day Mediterranean Diet" was held by the Municipality's Public Benefit Enterprise on Friday, May 17. The speakers of the conference were the partners of KEDA, Ms. Karagianni Vasiliki MBA, PhD(c), Clinical Dietitian - Nutritionist, Ms. Ioanna Kouria, MSc, Psychologist - Psychotherapist, Ms. Despina Svourdakou, Dr. Criminology and coordinator the pediatrician Ms. Eleni Liakou. At the conference, the main speaker of the conference Ms. Karagiannis Vasiliki analyzed the factors of infant and child obesity, presented the results of the measurements he carried out throughout the school year on the children of KDAP and the infants of the KEDA structures, and presented the conclusions of the seminars that were held. For her part, the psychologist Ms. Kouria analyzed the psychology of childhood obesity and its effects on the child's life, while the criminologist Ms. Svourdakou presented obesity as a factor in deviant behavior.


Impact on Society

Action entitled: "Safe Thria":

The large turnout of citizens and their participation in the action has resulted in the continuation of the program of actions concerning traffic education, KEDA participating in a new European program EDWARD, from the initials of the words European Day Without A Road Death No Road Death) is an initiative of the European Commission, the Municipality of Aspropyrgos is the only one that participates from the Greek side in the support from "My Grand Road". The citizens of Aspropyrgos Municipality responded to KEDA's call for a public debate on issues of traffic awareness. The children hosted at KDAP acquired knowledge about the rules of road behavior and recognition of road traffic signs, as a result of which they develop ecological awareness, become aware and understand the problems created in the environment by the reckless use of means of transport.

  Action entitled: Week of action in KDAP against Bullying Action entitled:

The discussion that developed through the actions, the children of K.D.A.P. were informed about their rights, the rules of behavior at school and the ways to deal with the phenomenon. At the same time, the workshops had the effect of strengthening the confidence of the children to discuss important issues such as that of school bullying, i.e. to recognize the phenomenon, discuss it and deal with it. In addition, the actions had the result that the parents - citizens of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos were scientifically informed about the treatment of this phenomenon and a channel of communication was created with the educational and scientific staff of KEDA.

"Actions for the Mediterranean Diet"

The parents responded to the call of the public dialogue to improve their eating habits and consequently improve their quality of life. As well as the children of KDAP through the information they changed their eating habits.

Initiative Location

Municipality of Aspropyrgos

Working with Organization

Action entitled: "Safe Thria":

  • M.K.O "My GrandRoad"

Action entitled: Week of action in KDAP against Bullying Action entitled:

  • The Youth Alternative Search Cell (KEAN)



Workers Participation

Staff of Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos

Benefits for Οrganization

KEDA developed these actions with the aim of contributing to the common good and promoting the fight against inequalities and social exclusion. We managed to open a channel of communication with our citizens and to open a public dialogue on issues concerning their daily life. With the implementation of the actions, our aim is the continuous and direct communication with our citizens in order to support them and avoid social discrimination.

Connection with Global Goals

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