Employee Relations Discussion

Employee Relations Discussion


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Objective Action

The aim of the project was the successful identification, notification and monitoring of the company's work issues through structured meetings-interviews that were conducted throughout the organization, with a view in developing and maintaining a healthy working environment and a supportive corporate culture.

The job satisfaction survey, which is conducted every year and aims to identify the strong, but, above all, the points for improvement, regarding the management and development of its people, ran independently of the implementation of this project.

The presentations with the results of the interviews of each section were posted in a shared folder with access to all, for transparency reasons.


Target Audience

Company's employees in Greece.



11 months


As the production staff made up 75% of the total staff of the company, the interviews were conducted on a sample of 35% of each group. The selection of participants was made randomly by the compamy's employee relations consultant, so that the selection is not considered biased. In order for the sample of employees to be as representative as possible, the interviews always included all supervisors and employees with different lengths of service in the company, different gender (where possible) and different job function. In the other departments, 100% of the staff were interviewed. In a period of 11 months, 385 interviews were conducted, with an average duration of the interviews - which took place on a personal level, in a private space - one and a half hours. Only employees who had been employeed for at least 6 months in the company participated, as during this period they have the opportunity to have a more complete picture of the operation of the company. The questionnaire consisted of 16 open-ended questions, which differed in some questions depending on whether they were addressed to a supervisor or not, and a supplementary questionnaire that included 10 questions with a score from 1 to 5, which related to the stress levels of each employee. The topics covered by the questionnaire were:

Technical issues

Working conditions

Communication issues

Wellbeing issues

Stress levels

After the completion of the interviews of each department, the results were presented to the top managemnt, to the respective director and head of the department. The presentation was about the general findings of each section on the questions of the questionnaire and the general average level of stress.

One month after the presentation of the results of each department, a meeting was held with each of the supervisors, in order to record a specific action plan based on the results. Each finding corresponded to a specific action, with the person in charge of it, the schedule and the final result.

Four months after the action plan was recorded, a new meeting was held with the head of each department, in order to gather the data and the actions that had been implemented until then. Finally, six months after the last meeting, there was another one as well, in order to be informed about the additional actions that took place and to close any outstanding issues. The presentation and results of each section were posted in a shared folder, with access to all, for transparency purposes.


Impact on Society

Initiative Location

At the company's premises in Kilkis, Efkarpia, Athens

Working with Organization

No participation from another organization.

Workers Participation

The project was run by empolyee relations consultant. The purpose of this position is the successful identification, notification and monitoring of the company's work issues and the continuous support in resolving them.

The participation of the employees was done purely on a voluntary basis. There was no employee among the 385 that refused to participate in the program.


Benefits for Οrganization

This action had the following results:

1) Creation of "Long Term Service Awards", in order to be publicly recognized and rewarded by the management  the employees who have been in the company for 10, 20 and 30 years of work

2) Renewal of the evaluation form of technical staff, as well as training, full implementation and monitoring of the production efficiency management system

3) Improvement of building facilities (auxiliary spaces) in the company

4) Upgrading working conditions

5) Stricter safety rules for the implementation of personal protection measures

6) Improving the quality of personal protection measures

7) Creation and recording of the process of organizational promotion within the company, so that the communication and the promotion steps are clear

8) Harmonization of corporate events throughout Greece

9) Creation of bonuses for specific positions in production

Issues were mapped that may not have been covered or could not be highlighted in the annual job satisfaction survey

- Hierarchy and evaluation of issues that concerned employees

- Improving the image of Alumil within as a company characterized by its desire to provide a high quality working environment, but also growth opportunities

Connection with Global Goals

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